About Me

Wow! You’re here! Welcome aboard! Please place your luggage securely in the overhead locker, fasten your seatbelt low and tight across your lap – well I think you know the rest of the drill. Strap yourself in and GET READY TO TRAVEL WITH ME!

So who have you landed up next to in the descent in to chaos? I’m Kate and I was bitten by a travel bug very early. I’d actually pack my bags as a child ready to run away from home in search of adventures. Luckily for the sanity of my parents, I didn’t actually leave at that point…

Since then, I’ve mostly grown up, travelled the world, married a man who shares a desire to travel and made travel part of my work as a travel doctor helping others to journey healthily.

Then we had kids…

paris kiss copy

I had a discussion pre-kids that I was happy to have them, as long as I could keep travelling. In my views of the future, I saw myself backpacking through South America, or sipping coffee in squares in Europe with an ever smiling child strapped on to me. Never in my wildest dreams had I considered car sickness, jet lagged infants or the amount of times I’ve heard “I want to go home”, “This is the most boring building in the world” and “Why doesn’t EVERYONE just SPEAK ENGLISH”.

OK, so travel with kids isn’t always blissful. At times I’ve wished for the comfort of a lounge room complete with vegetative mind-alteringly repetitive episodes of the Wiggles, BUT it has also given me the best experiences of my life, seeing the world through the eyes of a child and witnessing people from all cultures connect over the mutual hilarity of a child jumping in fountains.

We’re currently on a 6 month trip to Spain so stay tuned for European insights as we explore here.

My hope with this website is that I can share some of my work based knowledge to make sure that vomit in moving vehicles stays at a minimum, and that your whole family can travel healthily. Most importantly though, I want to help you learn from my millions of mistakes that keep occurring on a daily basis. Don’t forget to make me tell you about the time I ordered my kids coffee by accident

When I’m not hanging around here, I’m on instagram, pinterest, facebook and twitter so come and say hi!